Living Dharma, Reverence for Life & the Path of Natural Awakening

Contemplative Explorations with Tarchin Hearn

August 2nd and 3rd  at 2:30 PM

In Buddhism, wisdom is not a knowledge of ultimate facts or truth but an ever deepening process of understanding, life enhancing connectivity, and communion.

We radically intermingle; cells and organs, minds and bodies, creatures and communities, beings and environments, the so called animate and the so called inanimate. This is a broad and all-encompassing view.

Learning the art of compassionately embracing this multi-leveled dynamic of interpenetrating realms and times, is to master the craft of meditation.

Maturing this craft, until the hint of wholeness permeates all our actions, and we discover a sense of utter at-homeness in the mist of everything we do, is the fruition of this work.

In the temple of this living world, we are deeply intermeshed with the lives of our families, friends, neighbours, strangers and adversaries, and the myriad other species and beings that we travel with from birth to death. Our bodies and minds are rivers of evolving life – landscapes of unfolding communities. What could it mean to be fully human?

Tarchin’s latest book, True Refuge, will available for purchase at the event.

Since 1977 Tarchin Hearn has taught in many countries and helped establish a number of centres for study and practice. He is the author of several books and is a guiding elder for the Wangapeka Study and Retreat Centre in New Zealand. Writer, artist, gardener, poet and inspiring teacher, Tarchin has a great interest in blending the insights and understandings of science and ecology with Buddha Dharma to unfold a path of natural awakening and contemplative science that is profoundly relevant to the modern world. Well trained in Buddhism under the guidance of the Ven. Namgyal Rinpoché, Tarchin’s approach is thoroughly non-sectarian and universal in nature. His work has inspired a wide range of people, from those who are new to the spiritual life, all the way through to people who are themselves already competent teachers of various different traditions.

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