Why Meditation Alone Doesn’t Work

Thursday May 19th, 2016

There was a time when it was easier to awaken through a path of meditation. People’s worlds were smaller and simpler and, depending on where you were in the world, pursuing the life of a spiritual practitioner (like a monk or a nun) would have been a more common path.

Modern life, especially for those living in the city, rarely allows for the kind of in-depth meditation practice needed to awaken as a methodology alone.

This is not to say that meditation is not important. A strong meditative/contemplative component is a vital part of a spiritual practice. Rather that in these busy and complex times, a meditation practice is unlikely to lead to awakening on its own. “Professional” meditators meditate upwards of 20 hours a day for extended periods throughout a year. The number of people with the opportunity – not to mention the proclivity – to practice like this is very small.

So, what do we have to do in addition to meditation in order to realize significant spiritual unfoldment, and awakening, in our lifetime? We will be exploring this during this week’s class.

As always, we will be incorporating 30 minutes of meditation practice into the class.


Awaken in Toronto classes are offered on the basis of dāna in order to support opportunities for participants to develop their practice of generosity. We encourage you to give generously, however that looks for your situation.

All funds go towards the work of supporting awakening in the city.


Chris Headshot smallThis class will be lead by Christopher Lawley. Christopher has been practicing meditation since 1999 and studying and training with dharma teachers Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat since 2006. Christopher is a passionate practitioner of karma yoga (‘meditation in action’/selfless service), an enthusiastic advocate of Doug Duncan’s ‘Challenges’ practice, and a founding member of Awaken in Toronto. He is interested in connecting with others in the city who are looking to integrate meditation and daily urban life.


Thursday classes are held from 7:30pm to 9pm at Inhabit Pilates at 1211 Bathurst (just north of Dupont.) If you are driving, there is a parking lot for the studio one block east on Albany, just north of Bridgman.