DREAM YOGA – 5 classes in studying dreams and improving dream recall

The first and last Thursday of each month. April. May. June.

July 5 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM

Place: Village Healing Centre, 240 Roncesvalles Avenue, Toronto M6R 1M3

Room: 2nd Floor

Dream Yoga begins with the realization that the illusions we face in our dreams are often the same ones we face in our waking life. Studying the symbols and themes that appear in our dreams can help unlock some of our shadows and help connect us to our unconscious. Instead of being disconnected from ourselves, in Dream Yoga we turn our mind into a laboratory. We learn to separate from phenomena in dream life so we can also separate from phenomena in waking life. Together we will share suggestions for improving dream recall and aim for greater transformation through our dream life.

These classes include basic mindfulness techniques, including noticing thoughts, feelings, and perception, but are “beyond mindfulness” in that they include challenges to some of the limiting observations. They are great for people who have tried a bit of mindfulness meditation but now would like a bit deeper dive. Each class includes a 30-minute silent meditation practice time. These meditations will support the exploration of one of the precepts and will include a variety of meditation techniques.
April 19
May 3
May 17
June 7
June 21

July 5.  Extra class.

Cost: Dana – Practice generosity by paying what you value

BYOC: Bring Your Own Cushion (anything to sit on the floor with) or sit on one of our chairs

Teacher: Linda Hochstetler has been studying and practicing a variety of meditation practices (mindfulness, Zen, and Vajrayana Buddhism) for more than 30 years. She is a meditation teacher in the lineage of Namgyal Rinpoche (one of the first North American lineage holders) and considers Senseis Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat her primary gurus. She follows their tradition of encouraging exploration of everyday life beyond the spiritual realms, particularly while living in the city. She has completed many silent meditation retreats, including a 2-month silent retreat in 2009. She weaves together her personal meditation experiences, her professional background as a palliative care social worker, her years as a mother and step-mother, and her passion for awakening in this life into each of her classes, and invites you to join her in your own explorations.