Mysticism in the City: Skills for Urban Meditators

As part of Lama Lodro’s teachings of Healing and Mental Cultivation for Spiritual Transformation and Health, a public talk “Mysticism in the City:  Skills for Urban Meditators” will be held at our venue.  Lama Lodro is a mystic yogi and a multi-faceted, classically trained meditation teacher. His teaching style is a refreshing, fluid, natural, and spontaneous weaving together of many different teachings.

This is a precious opportunity to meet with a meditation master. Both newcomers and experienced meditators are welcome.

Please join us. Admission is by Donation (Dāna) at the door.

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Opening Our Hearts Through Yoga


Class with Tracy Sheridan. Monday, March 5th at 8pm.  By Donation.

We all aspire to enter into relation with ourselves and others in a friendly open-hearted way. How do we build this capacity? Yoga is a very practical system that points the way to the present moment. Through breath & simple yoga postures we will meet up with our present experience and explore what binds us and what releases us – moment by moment – breath by breath.
Please come with an empty belly, a mat if instagram private photo unlocker you have one, and wear comfortable stretchy clothing without belts.