2016: Your Best Year Yet

Thursdays, January 7th, 14th and 28th, 2016

The basics of a fulfilling life aren’t complicated: exercise, nutrition, work/social balance and study/exploration, to name a few.

And yet maintaining health/momentum in all these areas can feel so elusive. Why is that?

To kick off 2016, Awaken in Toronto will be exploring these questions together. We’ll be setting the path and putting supportive conditions in place for a year of growth and greater states of peace and freedom in our lives. 

Ready for your best year yet? 


Dharma & Relationships

Thursday, January 21, 7:30pm – 9:00pm

Husband and wife dharma teachers Duncan Cryle and Karen McAllister have been living and exploring the question of how to bring dharma into our relationships for more than a decade.

Join us for this special event as they share the wisdom they’ve gleaned from their years of study on this topic.

This will be their only teaching in Central/Eastern Canada on this trip. Don’t miss it.


Karma Yoga: The Path for the Western Mind

Hands up if you want to awaken in this lifetime and fully realize your potential as a human being, transcend suffering and attachment and help make the world a more compassionate place?

Keep your hands up if you are able to do a 3-month retreat once a year where you can live in silence and engage in formal meditation for 20 hours a day.

For those who still have their hands up: happy meditating!

For the rest of us, there is another path to unfoldment and awakening: The Path of Karma Yoga. This path requires much less time on the cushion and gives us the ability to leverage the busy-ness of our modern lives into a tool for transformation.


The Hero’s Journey, a retreat with Doug Duncan

For most of us, the ego is locked in a life-and-death struggle with the shadow. We’re continually pulled back and forth between the excitement of exploration on the one hand, and the fear of abandonment and rejection on the other.

What is the ‘Hero’s Journey’?

The Hero’s Journey is the courageous path the hero/ine undertakes to assimilate ego and shadow, tapping into inner, previously unknown gifts to triumph over lifelong challenges. The results blossom as the harmonious union of light and dark that characterizes a truly healthy, integrated human being. Exquisitely humbled by the process, we offer all that we have learned to benefit all beings in our lives.


Dharma If You Dare!

Dharma if you DareWhat is my life’s purpose? How is it possible to live a life that is full, fulfilling and also free from the entanglements of the ego? What is the fullest expression of this life that I’m living?

In this series, on Thursdays from July 30th to August 13th Christopher Lawley will be leading classes inspired by the book Dharma If You Dare: Living Life with Abandon by awakened meditation master Achariya Doug Duncan. Dharma If You Dare is an entertaining, accessible and empowering look at how we can free ourselves from limited views of our capacity and unlock the full expression of our lives. It lays out the basic tools and attitudes necessary to awaken in this lifetime. (more…)

Summer Series Kicks Off: Freedom From Habits


Meditation has been a powerful tool for millennia to gain perspective over powerful unconscious drives. Modern brain research is adding to these tools, giving us insights into the mechanisms behind our habitual patterning. Together, these two areas of knowledge can help us unlock our most deeply-rooted and stuck patterning and allow us to access for freedom and sense of agency over our lives.

Christopher Lawley will be leading 3 classes inspired by both his meditative and mindfulness training and the book The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, which explores the most up-to-date science around how habits work. We’ll be looking at what this research tells us about how habits are formed and how we can apply this to our lives. We’ll also be integrating meditative practices into the classes aimed at deepening our understanding of our own habits. (more…)

Fall 2014: Mindfulness Classes and Sits Continue

LindaAtSummerHillsLinda Hochstetler will again be leading us in mindfulness meditation practice on Thursdays at 7:30pm this fall beginning on September 18th. We are excited to announce that we will be holding our classes at a new public location: Inhabit Pilates Movement studio at Bathurst and Dupont.

Mindfulness meditation is the practice of bringing a non-judgmental, friendly, open-hearted, and accepting way of looking at anything that arises in awareness. By intentionally practicing mindfulness, we can learn to spend less time on “auto pilot” and live more fully and be more present. Each class will include an overview of a principle of mindfulness, as well as 30 minutes of silent mindfulness meditation practice.  New and experienced meditators alike are welcome. (more…)

Living Dharma, Reverence for Life & the Path of Natural Awakening

Contemplative Explorations with Tarchin Hearn

August 2nd and 3rd  at 2:30 PM

In Buddhism, wisdom is not a knowledge of ultimate facts or truth but an ever deepening process of understanding, life enhancing connectivity, and communion.

We radically intermingle; cells and organs, minds and bodies, creatures and communities, beings and environments, the so called animate and the so called inanimate. This is a broad and all-encompassing view.

Learning the art of compassionately embracing this multi-leveled dynamic of interpenetrating realms and times, is to master the craft of meditation.

Maturing this craft, until the hint of wholeness permeates all our actions, and we discover a sense of utter at-homeness in the mist of everything we do, is the fruition of this work.

In the temple of this living world, we are deeply intermeshed with the lives of our families, friends, neighbours, strangers and adversaries, and the myriad other species and beings that we travel with from birth to death. Our bodies and minds are rivers of evolving life – landscapes of unfolding communities. What could it mean to be fully human?


Mysticism in the City: Skills for Urban Meditators

As part of Lama Lodro’s teachings of Healing and Mental Cultivation for Spiritual Transformation and Health, a public talk “Mysticism in the City:  Skills for Urban Meditators” will be held at our venue.  Lama Lodro is a mystic yogi and a multi-faceted, classically trained meditation teacher. His teaching style is a refreshing, fluid, natural, and spontaneous weaving together of many different teachings.

This is a precious opportunity to meet with a meditation master. Both newcomers and experienced meditators are welcome.

Please join us. Admission is by Donation (Dāna) at the door.

For more info of Lama Lodro – http://lamalodro.ca/

For more info about Lama Lodro’s 2014 Toronto events –http://www.lamalodro.ca/lodro-events.html#2014toronto