A 21st Century Spiritual Awakening

Thursdays on September 22, September 29th, and October 6th, 2016

The great wisdom traditions of the world have for millennia described the rich internal landscape of the human mind. Systems like Buddhist psychology (the Abhidhamma) offer maps and techniques to find greater inner peace.

The modern era and its new contributions – such as psychology – have opened up a fuller understanding of the human spiritual experience. In doing so, we now have access to a fuller awakening than ever before.

Ken Wilber and his colleagues have taken the 21st century tool of Integral Theory and have applied it to the domain of spirituality. Integral Theory is a tool that allows us to examine all aspects of experience. 

This work is a game changer. It transforms our ability to leverage our learning and life experiences to expand our consciousness, unfold our being and increase our capacity to be clear, compassionate and fully engaged in the complex context of our 21st century lives.

Some reasons to join these sessions:

  • Learn the basics of Integral Spirituality and what it offers in terms of mapping out your own spiritual path and practice.

  • Find out how an integral approach to our practice can help us avoid pitfalls, such as reinforcing our shadows.

  • Gain empowering perspectives on how to integrate your spiritual path more fully into your daily life.

As always, this class will include 30 minutes of meditation practice.


Awaken in Toronto classes are offered on the basis of dāna to the teacher and $10 for administrative costs. The teachers offer their classes without any expectation of compensation, as an act of trust of generosity. We encourage you to reciprocate and give generously to the teacher in return, whatever that looks like in your situation. The new $10 administrative fee goes toward AIT’s costs, like space rental and website fees.


Chris Headshot smallThis class will be lead by Christopher Lawley. Christopher has been practicing meditation since 1999 and studying and training with dharma teachers Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat since 2006. Christopher is a passionate practitioner of karma yoga (‘meditation in action’/selfless service), an enthusiastic advocate of Doug Duncan’s ‘Challenges’ practice, and a founding member of Awaken in Toronto. He is interested in connecting with others in the city who are looking to integrate meditation and daily urban life.


Thursday classes are held from 7:30pm to 9pm at Inhabit Pilates at 1211 Bathurst (just north of Dupont.) If you are driving, there is a parking lot for the studio one block east on Albany, just north of Bridgman.