Outer Clarity : 5 Principles for Transformative Growth

Thursday, October 20, 7:30pm – 9:00pm

Whether you are exploring spirituality alone or following an ancient tradition, there is a point where the journey can seem like you are not getting where you want, or at least is not following the pace you would like.  The reason you may be feeling stuck is that you are focusing all your attention on guides, teaching and meditation techniques. These things are essential, but often do not give the right importance to what we call the “container” or foundation – a positive structure and space.

Perhaps during retreats you have experienced this kind of support structure that helps you to deepen more easily, but you haven’t thought of creating this kind of supportive environment in your daily life yet.  Knowing how to create a supportive environment can give you the strength and the space required to continue developing yourself even though you are surrounded by the pressures of daily life.

During the class we will look at the following 5 principles (originally formulated by Clear Sky Retreat Centre) to creating a stable environment that allows growth and transformation to take place:

  • Honour your space
  • Routine and freedom
  • It is easier with company
  • The cleaning that releases energy
  • Conversations that connect


Awaken in Toronto classes are offered on the basis of dāna to the teacher and $10 for administrative costs. The teachers offer their classes without any expectation of compensation, as an act of trust of generosity. We encourage you to reciprocate and give generously to the teacher in return, whatever that looks like in your situation. The new $10 administrative fee goes toward AIT’s costs, like space rental and website fees.


Duncan Cryle has over 15 years of experience working intensely with Acharya Doug Sensei (founder of Clear Sky Meditation and Study Foundation Canada (clearskycenter.org), and Yumedono Foundation in Kyoto, Japan) and in the tradition of Namgyal Rinpoche (a Western teacher who is highly recognized in both, the Burmese and Tibetan traditions). He combines practical exercises for daily life with authentic and deep transformational teachings, in a modern and accessible way.


Thursday classes are held from 7:30pm to 9pm at Inhabit Pilates at 1211 Bathurst (just north of Dupont.) If you are driving, there is a parking lot for the studio one block east on Albany, just north of Bridgman.