Foundations of Tantra Meditation Retreat

A silent meditation retreat with Sensei Doug Duncan at the Dharma Centre of Canada (Kinmount, ON)

Week-Long Retreat: Friday July 21st to Friday July 28th, 2017 

Weekend & Wongkur option: Friday July 21st to Sunday July 23rd

Looking for an immersive retreat experience and wish to gain tools to help make major shifts in your life?

The practice of tantra is a weaving of a clear mind and a blissful heart.

Engaging in the path and practices of tantra creates greater space between ourselves and our stories. The fully immersive nature of this work – including visualization, mantra and mudra – allows us to take a break from the constant maintenance of our persona. Through this, we experience a feeling of true release and peace. Through a regular practice we can integrate this experience of greater spaciousness into our daily lives.

This retreat begins with a Green Tara empowerment (wongkur) on Saturday, July 22nd.

For more information about the retreat visit the Planet Dharma website.

To register, visit the Dharma Centre’s website.


Doug Duncan has been practicing the teachings of awakening for more than 40 years. He is well versed in Buddhist and Western philosophy and practices, as well as contemporary psychology, consciousness studies and art.

Doug Sensei is the root guru of the organizers of Awaken in Toronto. His last visit to Toronto was in November 2015, where he led a retreat on the Hero’s Journey at the Dharma Centre of Canada.

You can learn more about Doug and his partner, Catherine Pawasarat, on their website, Planet Dharma.