Reducing Energy Drain at Work

with Special Guest Teachers, Duncan Cryle & Karen McAllister

Wednesday, July 5th, 6:30pm – 8:00pm at The Centre for Social Innovation – Spadina

You want to maximize your impact in your community and in the world at large. You want to find a way to avoid unnecessary drains on your energy. You want to have your work nurture your growth, not only professionally but also as a growing and evolving individual.   

But with spending so much time and energy trying to realize your vision in the world, is this all even possible?

Yes, it is.

In fact there are ways to use your time at work to feed and deepen what truly nourishes you. And to transform your work into a vehicle to deepen your path of mindful awareness.

Whether you are looking for more holistic approaches to life, ways to bring meditation into your day, or you are looking to make changes to bring yourself into greater alignment and integrity with your life’s purpose, this session is designed to reduce the drain on your energy as you work to realize your dreams.

Join us and learn to build up and maintain your energy, so you can focus it on what really matters to you.

At this session we’ll explore:

  • Simple ways to set up your workspace that support your clarity and remind you to be self-aware.
  • How small tweaks to your schedule can make a big difference to your energy.
  • Practical day-to-day mindfulness exercises to support your presence at work.
  • Simple routines and changes that can help you keep focused, present, and enlivened.

Class Fee: Dāna (Pay from the Heart)

Awaken in Toronto classes are offered on the basis of the powerful and progressive practice of dāna. The teachers offer their classes without any expectation of compensation, as an act of trust of generosity. We encourage you to reciprocate and give generously in return, whatever that looks like in your situation. (For those who find it helpful to have some guidance, we offer the suggested amount of $20.)



Duncan Cryle is a certified Mindfulness teacher, Dharma teacher, IBM Executive, and former Chairperson of Clear Sky Meditation and Study Foundation.

Duncan is a dynamic teacher with a wide-ranging and holistic approach to spiritual growth. Through 15 years of teaching meditation and mindfulness, alongside an active career working all over the world, Duncan has learned a lot about integrated spiritual paths. A founding member of Clear Sky in 2004, Duncan has seen first-hand the power that working together in compassionate service has for enriching and widening spiritual growth. 


Karen McAllister is a Certified Money Coach, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, non-profit leader, and spiritual-seeker. Her passion is helping individuals, social entrepreneurs and mission-based organizations wake up to their value and talents, so that they can contribute their very best to the world.

Karen is passionate about teaching principles – like honouring your space, embracing structure and communication – that create the conditions we need to wake up more in daily life. She is the current Chair of the Board and Director of Business Development for Clear Sky Center and has learned and embodied these principles in these roles as Clear Sky went from self-starter to second-stage growth. Karen calls this “the hands-on way of doing an MBA with a spiritual bottom line!”

Chris Headshot smallChristopher Lawley has been practicing meditation since 1999 and studying and training intensively with dharma teachers Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat since 2006. Christopher is a passionate practitioner of karma yoga (‘meditation in action’/selfless service), an enthusiastic advocate of Doug Duncan’s ‘Challenges’ practice, and a founding member of Awaken in Toronto. He is interested in connecting with others in the city who are looking to integrate meditation and daily urban life.


This special event will be held in the at the Centre for Social Innovation – Spadina. (215 Spadina Avenue, 4th Floor)