Inner Economics: Cultivating an Empowered Relationship with Money

Join Behavioral Money Coach, Karen McAllister, for a lunchtime conversation about money. Unravel the mystery of money and learn to understand why it has such a hold on us. Learn about the innovative, therapeutic and practical money coaching tools and support through an exploration of the eight Money Archetypes (Innocent, Victim, Warrior, Martyr, Fool, Creator/Artist, Tyrant and Magician). And explore simple mindfulness techniques to deepen your awareness about money.

As a result of attending this talk, you will be able to:

  • Understand how money and the brain relate to each other
  • Understand how well-being and income speak to each other
  • Understand that our economic reality is really an inside job
  • Understand the importance of making your unconscious money patterns conscious
  • Understand the origin of your money triggers
  • Learn some mindfulness techniques to help recognise and work with these triggers
  • Identify conflicting emotions around the topic of money
  • Identify the money archetypes working in your life right now.