Abundance Practices – Money

This class consist of a theme for the evening with lots of time for group discussion and input. Maybe some writing exercises, or reflection time. Or watching a YouTube video or podcast together, followed by a discussion about how to bring that aspect of abundance into your life. Our topic this month will be abundance of MONEY. Possible future classes might be financial, love, clarity of purpose, sexual appreciation, or other suggestions by attendees for areas of abundance to grow into. Instructor: Linda Hochstetler, MSW RSW

Dates: Every 2nd Thursday of the month
October 11
November 8

Time: 7:00pm – 8:30pm

Place: Village Healing Centre, 240 Roncesvalles Avenue, Toronto M6R 1M3

Room: 3rd Floor, Room #5 in corner; meet in the 3rd floor waiting room till 7:00

Cost: Pay-what-you-can

Inner Economics: Cultivating an Empowered Relationship with Money

Join Behavioral Money Coach, Karen McAllister, for a lunchtime conversation about money. Unravel the mystery of money and learn to understand why it has such a hold on us. Learn about the innovative, therapeutic and practical money coaching tools and support through an exploration of the eight Money Archetypes (Innocent, Victim, Warrior, Martyr, Fool, Creator/Artist, Tyrant and Magician). And explore simple mindfulness techniques to deepen your awareness about money.

As a result of attending this talk, you will be able to:

  • Understand how money and the brain relate to each other
  • Understand how well-being and income speak to each other
  • Understand that our economic reality is really an inside job
  • Understand the importance of making your unconscious money patterns conscious
  • Understand the origin of your money triggers
  • Learn some mindfulness techniques to help recognise and work with these triggers
  • Identify conflicting emotions around the topic of money
  • Identify the money archetypes working in your life right now.