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Awaken in Toronto (AIT) is a community of dharma students (awakening beings) drawn together by a common vision of transforming life in the city from a challenging and isolating struggle to one of exploration and connections. We have regular weekly meditation class, as well as discussion-based gatherings on the topics of Abundance and Death & Dying. We also organize weekend meditation retreats at the Dharma Centre of Canada to give opportunities for deeper dives into silence. And last but not least, we are honoured to host our root guru teachers, Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat, for longer meditation retreats.


We have been meeting together since 2010. The group began with 3 students of Senseis Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat who were living in Toronto and studying annually with their teachers in BC, but wanted to incorporate more Sangha interactions throughout the year. We started by meeting together to meditate in private homes, but eventually others joined and we outgrew this. We met for 2 years at Inhabit Pilates in the Annex, before moving to our present location, The Village Healing Centre, near High Park on the west side of Toronto. This new location is centrally located and easy to get to by public transit or car. We use MeetUp as the primary way of attracting new members and sharing up-to-date information about our programming. We distribute a monthly e-newsletter to our subscribers on our mail list sharing upcoming programming activities, and welcome new subscribers (Sign Up Link).

AIT Teacher

AIT receives its spiritual guidance from Lama Linda, a long-time meditator and student of Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat.



All classes are offered by dāna to give people the opportunity to practice generosity and contribute what they value and are able to pay. Monies received go to support the teacher and the teachings, including covering the costs of organizing the group.

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Linda Hochstetler

Primary teacher and trainer

Bat Hon Tong Fung


Sarah Rix


Richard Clark



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